A downloadable game for Windows

A tactical turn-based game called UnityWars as inspiration from a classic retro game called Advance War on Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

In the campaign demo, you will be in command of a United Eagles (UE) army to face an enemy called the Peoples Falcon Republic (PFR) army at a floating desolated island.

The battles of the game are turned based in nature, take turns building and commanding units on grid-based maps, while attacking enemy units, moving positions, and stay in defence.

It will be really fantastic to have your honest feedback.


Install instructions

For PC users, just download and install Window Installation file (compatible for XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10)

For Mac users, just download the Unarchiver file and should work seamlessly within OS X just like the built-in Archive Utility.

(Warning the games are protected by copyright).


UnityWars CampaignDemo setup.exe 47 MB

Development log


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Hey guys, if you played the game would you able to write a feedback and suggestions please.